Amethyst Meaning

Amethyst Definition

Amethyst definition can be read in many dictionaries as being the following:


i) A purple to violet precious stone from the quartz family.

ii) The colour purple ranging from a reddish grey purple to a light violet colour.

If you were to ask a crystal lover to define amethyst then you would realise how incredibly lacking the descriptions are you will find in any dictionary.

Amethyst crystal properties are not even mentioned and it is these metaphysical properties that make up the amethyst stone meaning.  A dictionary definitely fails to describe any of the wonderful properties of amethyst gemstone that make these gems so special to all those who work with them on a regular basis.

Amethyst gems are renown for having healing powers that can be felt on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. For more information about how amethysts heal, read my previous post on amethyst and their healing properties.


In this post I am going to try to answer a lot of the questions I receive from readers about amethysts. I’ve thrown in some other interesting facts about amethyst gemstone properties that
you might not have known.

Is Amethyst a Quartz?

Yes, amethyst is a member of the quartz family. Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals found on Earth.

What are Amethyst Mystical Properties?

The mystical properties for amethyst help you in a search for spiritual contentment. They help to relax and calm the wearer and those who keep amethysts in their house. For more information read the post about Amethyst Meaning.

Is Amethyst one of the Birthstones of February?

Yes, amethyst represents the month of February and the zodiac sign Aquarius and Pisces. There are different gems for zodiac signs. For more information read the post about amethyst being the Feb birth stone.

What is the Significance of Amethyst in Hindi?

Amethyst in Hindi is either called Jamunia or Katalia. Amethyst stone powers are said to suppress bad thoughts and take the wearer on a spiritual path that will keep them free from evil and despising all evil deeds. It will bring the owner mental peace which is why it is so much more in demand in modern times than previously. Women wear these stones to ensure long lasting love from their husbands.

What is the Amethyst Chemical Formula?

SiO2 – Silicon dioxide

How Much is Amethyst Worth?

This needs to be broken down into amethyst price per carat and amethyst rock value. The price per carat can range from US$5 a carat and upwards depending on the quality of the gemstone with factors such as clarity, color and size taken into account. To be honest amethyst stone value is hard to pinpoint, when you want to buy amethyst crystal for amethyst jewelry sets it is best to gain advise from a reputable gem dealer.

Amethyst rock value – meaning for uncut amethysts that might be found as an amethyst cave, amethyst geode or amethyst cathedrals. When looking for amethyst rocks for sale it is important to consider the different amethyst crystal properties such as size, color and clarity that will determine the price.

Again, amethyst prices can differ dramatically. Where an amethyst is from can have a huge impact on price with deep Siberian amethysts and deep Russian amethysts being the most valuable.

Can Men Benefit from Wearing Amethyst?

Yes, they can. You can find some handsome mens amethyst rings for sale in stores. Anyone can benefit from many of the healing properties of amethyst. By wearing mens amethyst jewelry close to their skin, men can find spiritual enlightenment and a sense of calm.

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