Amethyst Meaning

Amethyst Powers

Amethysts have been highly regarded for centuries due to their mystical healing properties. Amethyst powers stimulate all the energy centres in the mind, body and soul.

Amethysts are a stone of love, they can purify the air and space around them. Whether this be negative emotions or vibrations. Amethysts can calm and clear negative energy within a person or an environment.

Amethyst Meditation

Meditating with an amethyst held in your hand increases intuition, mental clarity and can also make the user more open-minded. Amethysts can help ease migraines and headaches. Using amethyst also improves memory.

Amethyst and Your Health

It is quite well known that amethysts strengthen your immune system. It can also improve the appearance of the skin and was used as a treatment for acne and as a way to smooth roughened skin hundreds of years ago.

In ancient Chinese medicine, amethyst uses were for stomach ailments and to banish nightmares. Placing an amethyst under your pillow or next to your bed will help with sleeping disorders and reduce the occurrence of night terrors.

Using amethyst or placing amethysts in your workplace can greatly help reduce stress and anxiety. The name amethyst comes from the ancient Greek word “a” meaning “not” and “methustos” meaning “intoxicated”.

Amethysts have been extensively used as a talisman to guard against drunkenness and to aid with dealing with addictive personalities. Amethysts are quite a pure stone and can help those who are looking for a pure heart or conscious.

Medieval European soldiers would wear amethyst amulets as protection when going into battle. They are still used today by travelers as a talisman to ensure a safe journey in the physical and spirit world.

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