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Ways To Make An Effective Profitable Wellness Business

For your health and wellness to enjoy any amount of success, you need to maintain a happy customer base. When you leave your customers unhappy, there’s an opportunity they will stop buying products from you, giving your wellness center a less than positive reputation. To benefit from positive word of mouth, make sure to deliver a quality shopping experience to all customers. Here we now have compiled a list of tactics you can utilize for reaching new customers and keeping regular ones. 

Anyone who interacts with customers needs to project a positive, confident attitude at every interaction. You need to have every buyer that comes through your door to feel relaxed and treasured. One key of training new workers is coaching them to work with customers. Clients will get the message out about your wellness center when they have had an outstanding involvement with you, which is important in building up your health and wellness. 

A profitable Holistic health Coaching and wellness is not an overnight realization. While you are building your business, you must display a high level of commitment and work very hard. Factor in a slow period at the beginning and keep your mind on long term goals when first starting out. If you don’t pay attention to growing and expanding your business, you will fail. 

In order to stay competitive, businesses need to effectively ensure that their websites will leave a completely professional impression. There are professional website designers that are available to make a remarkable website for you if you do not have the skills or the time to do it yourself. Adding interesting, but appropriate images and backgrounds will help enhance the overall look of your website and therefore make it more successful. You should bear in mind how critical it’s for you to have an amazing site in today’s health and wellness world since you need to guarantee that your wellness center has a web presence that is dynamic and alluring. 

It is imperative to devote the necessary hours to developing your Holistic health and wellness even though it’ll always take more time than you expect. It requires a significant portion of your time, effort, and resources to operate a successful business. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and attempt to do too much if you’re a first-time business owner. Realizing when you’re getting overwhelmed and allowing others to manage some of your responsibilities will make you an intelligent business owner. 

Make certain you include a page on your website for customer reviews. By knowing that you’re doing a good job making your customers happy, you could successfully increase your health and wellness. People like being asked for their opinion, so ask your customers to leave their thoughts in a review. You could persuade customers who might otherwise be reluctant to leave reviews by offering them promotions. 

Amethyst Healing Properties

Amethyst healing properties have been known since ancient Greeks used the stones to make amethyst goblets to ward off drunkenness. Amethysts are positive energy stones that work on spirituality, your physical being and can help with emotional issues.

Before using amethysts in your healing routine, please do not discontinue your traditional health care regime. Crystal healing is an alternative therapy. It is best used as a complimentary treatment to your usual medical routine that has been prescribed by a qualified physician.

Amethysts are the birthstones of February, this means that those born in February will notice amethyst stone benefits more than those born at other times of the year. Nevertheless, everyone can appreciate amethyst stone value in their everyday life or healing practices.

Amethyst is a light to dark purple gemstone that can be bought as simple loose tumble stones or cluster amethyst, amethyst geodes, amethyst caves or cathedrals. Amethyst crystal clusters are more powerful than just a single tumbled stone, by having a cluster of amethyst in your room you will notice how it can aid you on all planes of existence.

Amethyst Stone Powers

Amethyst spiritual properties are strong in regards to helping you reach your spiritual goals. Amethyst rocks improve your psychic abilities and help you become more in tune with your inner self.

Amethyst healing powers can reduce swelling and bruising, alleviate physical pain and PMS. For sufferers of chronic fatigue, immune disorders and fibromyalgia, there is a tried method of holding an amethyst stone in your hand at least once a day. The vibrations can affect the way you feel and fill you with a positive energy.

Amethyst energy properties are calming, which is an asset for those who have issues with focusing and concentration. It can help calm the emotions by reducing fear and anger and filling the user with more positive emotions. Amethyst healing stones calm the owner. This improves their mental prowess.  Leaving amethyst crystal clusters in the workplace or at home can help with stress, depression and anxiety.

Amethysts are fairly cheap healing crystals considering the benefits you can gain from using them. You can find amethyst crystal for sale for as cheap as $1 for the tumbled stone variety. Amethyst clusters normally draw a higher price. Generally the bigger the amethyst, the larger the energy force and vibrations will be. If you do not have the money to buy a large amethyst cathedral or cave, you can still feel the vibrations by wearing amethyst healing crystal necklaces. By wearing an amethyst necklace you not only have a beautiful piece of amethyst jewelery, but will also feel the stone energizing you as you wear it.

There is a wonderful remedy for those who suffer from nightmares and insomnia. Placing some amethyst healing crystals under the bed ensures a good nights sleep. Amethysts will aid with lucid dreaming and will assist with dream memory recall the next morning.

If you want to boost your purple amethyst crystals healing regime try including green amethyst crystals. Green amethyst healing properties are generally stronger than the purple amethyst variety. Green amethysts have a deeper connection with Mother Earth and are natural healers. Green is the color of all healers after all.

Where To Buy Amethyst Crystal Online

If you are looking for where to buy amethyst crystal online then I hope to be able to enlighten you with some options throughout this post. You can buy amethyst for sale at Amazon. Take for instance these amethyst quartz crystal clusters that I found on Amazon. This seller is renowned for selling beautiful, quality stones.

If you are looking for chunks of amethyst crystals to leave around the house, then one of the following products could be exactly what you need. These are smallish rocks that are perfect for giving off energy and providing protection but can be left discreetly around your house or workplace.

I love to wear some amethyst jewellery on days where I crave the protective benefits from these stones. Perhaps when you feel a bit low at times or in need of protection from yourself or from others. Wearing an amethyst necklace or earrings might be just want you need to help you get through the day feeling strong!

I hope you find the right amethyst for you. Always remember when buying a new amethyst that it is essential to cleanse it first before beginning any healing work, this will remove any negative energies that it might be carrying and it can be more in tune with your own energies.




Chakras For Beginners

Chakras for beginners is as easy as taking a chakra test to find out which chakras need balancing and are out of alignment. There are seven chakras in the body and they all need to be in alignment to ensure you are functioning at 100% capacity.

What Are Chakras?

The term chakra comes from the ancient Sanskrit language and means “wheel” or a “spinning wheel”. Each chakra can be described as a spinning wheel of energy. There are seven chakras or energy points within the body and they all signify different emotions and parts of the body. You can see the seven different chakra points in the body on the chakra chart image below.

To understand how your chakras work and if your chakra balance needs to be realigned you should complete this simple free and easy chakra test. This test will help you establish whether any of your chakras are blocked.

This easy test will require you to answer some simple questions to establish if there are any blockages in your chakras. Once you have been able to free your chakras from these blockages you will notice a difference in your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. A lot of physical ailments and illnesses are caused by not being aware of blockages in the energy points within your body.

You can use crystals to help open your chakras but initially you need to discover where you have blockages within your body and your chakras. Once you have completed the test you will have the knowledge to balance your chakras and be on the path to spiritual enlightenment.

What is February Birthstone

What is February birthstone? You guessed it! Amethyst. One of the rarest members of the quartz family of crystals.

Amethyst birthstone month is February due to there being a deep connection with the month February. Those who are born in February will feel a stronger affinity with amethyst crystals in any of its forms whether it is a cluster amethyst, amethyst geodes, amethyst cathedrals or caves. Those born in other months of the year will still gain from using amethyst in their life.

Amethyst are great crystals for emotional healing. They are well known for being able to calm the wearer. They can even help reduce anxiety, stress, anger and fear in a person. Amethysts are positive energy stones. You only need to keep an amethyst close at hand to reap the benefits of these astounding healing crystals.

Amethyst Zodiac Sign

Amethyst represents the star sign Pisces in the zodiac calendar. On some websites you will read that Amethyst and the star sign Aquarius are also connected. This is incorrect and is usually believed due to February birthstone being amethyst.

Sagittarius birthstone is amethyst. This is because the birthstone for November was amethyst in ancient calendars. Since the zodiac calendar predates the modern calendars in use today, there is still a spiritual link between Sagittarius and amethyst.

If you feel a bond with amethyst when you hold it, then it doesn’t matter if you fall under a different star sign or birth month.

Amethyst crystal meaning is of protection and of spiritual growth. These stones have been used for 1,000s of years by the church and royalty due to their beautiful purple colour. Amethysts are sometimes referred to as a sobriety stone due to their ability of helping to overcome addictions. In fact, amethysts were used by the Ancient Greeks to hinder inebriation.

Amethysts are beautiful healing crystals that can be an asset to you and your healing practices. To find out more about how amethysts can heal, read the post on the healing properties of amethyst crystals.

Siberian Amethyst Facts

What is a Siberian Amethyst?

Siberian Amethysts were usually amethyst stones from Russia or Siberia and are known for being the most expensive of all amethysts. These amethysts can command huge prices due to the rarity of the stone and their beautiful colouring. Siberian amethyst mines have now been mined out which is one of the reasons why these stones are so rare and valuable.

Siberian Amethyst is a term that is thrown around quite loosely to describe amethysts that are very deep in colour. With amethysts the deeper the colour indicates that it can command a higher price per carat. A Siberian amethyst is now known as a “grade” term and does not refer to the location of where a stone is mined. Deep Siberian Amethysts are the most valuable of them all with the purple hue making up to 75-80% of the colour and with flashes of either red or blue.

The colour of a Siberian Amethyst can be described as a very deep hue of purple which can range from a reddish purple in colour to a dark purple. Amethysts can be referred to as Siberian in colour if they show signs of red tones.


Siberian Amethyst Facts

  • If your amethyst has been labeled as a Siberian Amethyst you have the highest grade amethyst, amethysts are also labeled as Bahain or Uruguayan and this does not always relate to the location where they have been mined.
  • Amethysts can appear to change colour dependent on the lighting conditions. Amethysts will appear to be a more blueish to purply colour when viewed under daylight and may appear to have more flashes of red when seen under bright lighting. Keep this in mind when you are purchasing your stones.
  • Never clean your amethysts with any chemical cleaning solutions as it can ruin the colouring and appearance of your stone. It is best to cleanse your stones with an Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaner.
  • Siberian amethysts vibrate at the same frequency as other amethysts which means they are still great stones to use for stress relief and to overcome insomnia. To find out more about the healing properties read more about it at this post.

I like wearing a Siberian Amethyst ring to get the best results from the astounding metaphysical properties of this beautiful stone.

Amethyst Powers

Amethysts have been highly regarded for centuries due to their mystical healing properties. Amethyst powers stimulate all the energy centres in the mind, body and soul.

Amethysts are a stone of love, they can purify the air and space around them. Whether this be negative emotions or vibrations. Amethysts can calm and clear negative energy within a person or an environment.

Amethyst Meditation

Meditating with an amethyst held in your hand increases intuition, mental clarity and can also make the user more open-minded. Amethysts can help ease migraines and headaches. Using amethyst also improves memory.

Amethyst and Your Health

It is quite well known that amethysts strengthen your immune system. It can also improve the appearance of the skin and was used as a treatment for acne and as a way to smooth roughened skin hundreds of years ago.

In ancient Chinese medicine, amethyst uses were for stomach ailments and to banish nightmares. Placing an amethyst under your pillow or next to your bed will help with sleeping disorders and reduce the occurrence of night terrors.

Using amethyst or placing amethysts in your workplace can greatly help reduce stress and anxiety. The name amethyst comes from the ancient Greek word “a” meaning “not” and “methustos” meaning “intoxicated”.

Amethysts have been extensively used as a talisman to guard against drunkenness and to aid with dealing with addictive personalities. Amethysts are quite a pure stone and can help those who are looking for a pure heart or conscious.

Medieval European soldiers would wear amethyst amulets as protection when going into battle. They are still used today by travelers as a talisman to ensure a safe journey in the physical and spirit world.

Amethyst Meaning in the Bible

Amethyst is one of the precious stones that are mentioned throughout the bible. Amethyst meaning in the bible derives from it being the third stone in the third row of the High Priest of Israel’s breastplate ( Exodus 28:19 ; 39:12 ) It is also the twelfth and last stone listed of the New Jerusalem ( Revelation 21:20 )

Each gemstone that featured in the New Jerusalem held a different meaning and symbolism. Amethyst stood for being filled with the desire to please God and having the gift of tongues.

In biblical times amethysts could be found throughout Persia, India and in different parts of Europe. Today amethysts are mined from as far afield as Brazil, Sri Lanka, Russia, Namibia and Madagascar. The finest amethysts are considered to be the Siberian Amethysts.

The Greek name of Amethyst is amethustos which means not drunken. It was believed that drinking from an amethyst goblet could stop someone becoming intoxicated. Amethysts are a useful stone to have in your arsenal when dealing with addiction and overcoming vices.

The Hebrew name of Amethyst is ahlamah which means a dream stone. Amethysts were highly regarded as they helped with sleep and provided pleasant dreams to the user. To this day amethysts are still used as a sleeping aid and can help with cases of insomnia and to promote lucid dreaming.

Amethysts are synonymous with high priests, the church and also royalty. Amethysts grace the rings of bishops and the crowns of kings and queens. Bishops would wear amethyst rings to guard against mystical intoxication. To this day amethysts are still used as prayer beads or rosaries as it provides a sense of calm to the user.

Amethysts are quite majestic stones and have been revered for centuries for their unusual color. Even before amethysts were mentioned in the bible they were a highly sought after crystal. Travelers would carry amethysts with them on long journeys for protection, you can learn more about the properties of amethyst crystals in an earlier post that outlines all the healing properties of amethysts.


Green Amethyst Meaning

Green Amethyst Crystals are known as Prasiolite. They are green quartz crystals.

Prasiolite can also be spelled Praseolite, but this is less common.

Green Amethyst Meaning

Most green amethyst crystals will have been a purple colour at some point in their lifetime. This is due to green amethysts occurring from a heat transfer.

Most natural green amethysts were a purple amethyst, which were then heated by either volcanic activity or the natural heating of the earth’s core. It is possible to create manmade green coloured amethysts by heat treatment. It is important that you keep these gemstones away from heat sources and out of direct sunlight as this can easily affect the colour of the stones.

The green amethyst quartz meaning is in some ways similar to that of the purple amethyst, although the properties of the two stones are quite different. A green amethyst contains the majority of the healing benefits of a purple amethyst plus some additional traits. Both green and purple amethysts will help to guard the owner against drunkenness and assist overcoming addictive personality disorders. Both coloured gemstones are also great guarders against negativity in life. This negativity can come from oneself or from other surrounding negative energies.

The green amethyst crystals, in particular, are known to open the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. By linking your heart to these chakras, you can increase your sense of love and empathy towards other people. Green amethysts increase your sense of compassion and self love. They can also help with challenging relationships by bringing a sense of calm to those involved.

Green amethysts are very spiritual stones, which help bridge the gap between the physical and the spiritual world. These stones encourage the wearer to become more in tune with nature and to look inwards for self-discovery.

Using Green Amethyst Crystals

As green amethyst is part of the quartz crystal family, it is able to magnify energy. It is especially good for using in meditation along side other crystals. Wearing green amethyst pendants is possibly the most powerful option as it means the crystal is kept very close to the heart. Green amethysts stimulate psychic growth within the wearer and allows connection with those on another plane of existence. For extra clairvoyant abilities, try combining your green amethyst with a turquoise stone.

Using green amethyst can bring prosperity to your life. They are known as the stones of good fortune and luck. This attribute probably stems down from these stones having an effect on the owner and their intuition.

Green amethysts not only help with balancing chakras but also with balancing emotions. These stones help you strengthen your emotions, your willpower and can also help overcome physical pain throughout your body.


Amethyst Definition

Amethyst definition can be read in many dictionaries as being the following:


i) A purple to violet precious stone from the quartz family.

ii) The colour purple ranging from a reddish grey purple to a light violet colour.

If you were to ask a crystal lover to define amethyst then you would realise how incredibly lacking the descriptions are you will find in any dictionary.

Amethyst crystal properties are not even mentioned and it is these metaphysical properties that make up the amethyst stone meaning.  A dictionary definitely fails to describe any of the wonderful properties of amethyst gemstone that make these gems so special to all those who work with them on a regular basis.

Amethyst gems are renown for having healing powers that can be felt on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. For more information about how amethysts heal, read my previous post on amethyst and their healing properties.


In this post I am going to try to answer a lot of the questions I receive from readers about amethysts. I’ve thrown in some other interesting facts about amethyst gemstone properties that
you might not have known.

Is Amethyst a Quartz?

Yes, amethyst is a member of the quartz family. Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals found on Earth.

What are Amethyst Mystical Properties?

The mystical properties for amethyst help you in a search for spiritual contentment. They help to relax and calm the wearer and those who keep amethysts in their house. For more information read the post about Amethyst Meaning.

Is Amethyst one of the Birthstones of February?

Yes, amethyst represents the month of February and the zodiac sign Aquarius and Pisces. There are different gems for zodiac signs. For more information read the post about amethyst being the Feb birth stone.

What is the Significance of Amethyst in Hindi?

Amethyst in Hindi is either called Jamunia or Katalia. Amethyst stone powers are said to suppress bad thoughts and take the wearer on a spiritual path that will keep them free from evil and despising all evil deeds. It will bring the owner mental peace which is why it is so much more in demand in modern times than previously. Women wear these stones to ensure long lasting love from their husbands.

What is the Amethyst Chemical Formula?

SiO2 – Silicon dioxide

How Much is Amethyst Worth?

This needs to be broken down into amethyst price per carat and amethyst rock value. The price per carat can range from US$5 a carat and upwards depending on the quality of the gemstone with factors such as clarity, color and size taken into account. To be honest amethyst stone value is hard to pinpoint, when you want to buy amethyst crystal for amethyst jewelry sets it is best to gain advise from a reputable gem dealer.

Amethyst rock value – meaning for uncut amethysts that might be found as an amethyst cave, amethyst geode or amethyst cathedrals. When looking for amethyst rocks for sale it is important to consider the different amethyst crystal properties such as size, color and clarity that will determine the price.

Again, amethyst prices can differ dramatically. Where an amethyst is from can have a huge impact on price with deep Siberian amethysts and deep Russian amethysts being the most valuable.

Can Men Benefit from Wearing Amethyst?

Yes, they can. You can find some handsome mens amethyst rings for sale in stores. Anyone can benefit from many of the healing properties of amethyst. By wearing mens amethyst jewelry close to their skin, men can find spiritual enlightenment and a sense of calm.

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