Healing Properties of Green Amethyst

Green Amethyst JewelryThe healing properties of green amethyst are clearly intwined with the heart and your emotions. A green amethyst stone allows you to open your heart to the world. By allowing these powerful healing crystals into your life you will notice that love and passion will soon follow.

As with all crystal healing, it is not to be used as a substitute to traditional medical practices. Green amethyst healing is an alternative therapy that can be used to complement your healing regime from a qualified physician.

For physical healing you can place a green amethyst on the painful area of the body and let its energy start to work healing you. These green gemstones aid digestion by allowing your body to metabolise nutrients efficiently. These beautiful quartz crystals can help with any issues related to the gastrointestinal tract. If you have many problems with this area of your body you will definitely benefit from incorporating green amethyst into a regular healing regime or daily meditation. By using these crystals you can flush toxins from the body or help with your willpower when detoxing.

There is a strong connection between green amethyst crystals and the heart. These healing crystals are associated with the crown and heart chakra. By wearing a green amethyst pendant daily you will benefit highly from keeping these positive energy stones close to your heart. These chakra healing stones will remove blockages within your body’s energy points which allows the body to function at peak performance.

green amethyst necklace

Green amethyst can heal the mind by strengthening your willpower, thought processes and allowing you to begin to self-love. These green healing crystals allow you to recover from previous emotional upsets, let go of grudges and aid with general emotional healing. Green amethyst gemstones are great for people who have confidence issues, these healing crystals will help you rebuild confidence and become self-reliant.

As with all of the quartz crystal family, these green precious stones are a positive energy stone, they attract positivity to you and repel negative energies. This positivity can be increased self confidence, self-love and also prosperity. If you are going through some financial hardship consider meditating with these stones or placing green amethysts in your house or place of work. You can even carry green amethyst tumbled stones in your purse to attract more money into your life.

Green amethyst powers can protect you from yourself. Like the purple amethyst these powerful healing stones can ward off drunkenness. If you have an addictive personality you can carry a green amethyst with you or wear a green amethyst necklace to fight any addictive urges.

What is Green Amethyst?

Green gemstones pendantGreen amethyst prasiolite is usually a purple amethyst that has changed in colour due to heat treatment. Natural green amethyst crystals are quite rare but are normally found as a pale green amethyst. These stones are believed to have stronger healing properties than the man-made green amethyst variety.

Green amethyst crystal meaning is of love and spiritual fulfillment. These stones are great for you if are about to embark on a spiritual journey or want to find yourself.

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