Amethyst Meaning

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Amethyst Meaning in the Bible

Amethyst is one of the precious stones that are mentioned throughout the bible. Amethyst meaning in the bible derives from it being the third stone in the third row of the High Priest of Israel’s breastplate ( Exodus 28:19 ; 39:12 ) It is also the twelfth and last stone listed of the New Jerusalem ( Revelation 21:20 )

Each gemstone that featured in the New Jerusalem held a different meaning and symbolism. Amethyst stood for being filled with the desire to please God and having the gift of tongues.

In biblical times amethysts could be found throughout Persia, India and in different parts of Europe. Today amethysts are mined from as far afield as Brazil, Sri Lanka, Russia, Namibia and Madagascar. The finest amethysts are considered to be the Siberian Amethysts.

The Greek name of Amethyst is amethustos which means not drunken. It was believed that drinking from an amethyst goblet could stop someone becoming intoxicated. Amethysts are a useful stone to have in your arsenal when dealing with addiction and overcoming vices.

The Hebrew name of Amethyst is ahlamah which means a dream stone. Amethysts were highly regarded as they helped with sleep and provided pleasant dreams to the user. To this day amethysts are still used as a sleeping aid and can help with cases of insomnia and to promote lucid dreaming.

Amethysts are synonymous with high priests, the church and also royalty. Amethysts grace the rings of bishops and the crowns of kings and queens. Bishops would wear amethyst rings to guard against mystical intoxication. To this day amethysts are still used as prayer beads or rosaries as it provides a sense of calm to the user.

Amethysts are quite majestic stones and have been revered for centuries for their unusual color. Even before amethysts were mentioned in the bible they were a highly sought after crystal. Travelers would carry amethysts with them on long journeys for protection, you can learn more about the properties of amethyst crystals in an earlier post that outlines all the healing properties of amethysts.