Amethyst Meaning

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What is February Birthstone

What is February birthstone? You guessed it! Amethyst. One of the rarest members of the quartz family of crystals.

Amethyst birthstone month is February due to there being a deep connection with the month February. Those who are born in February will feel a stronger affinity with amethyst crystals in any of its forms whether it is a cluster amethyst, amethyst geodes, amethyst cathedrals or caves. Those born in other months of the year will still gain from using amethyst in their life.

Amethyst are great crystals for emotional healing. They are well known for being able to calm the wearer. They can even help reduce anxiety, stress, anger and fear in a person. Amethysts are positive energy stones. You only need to keep an amethyst close at hand to reap the benefits of these astounding healing crystals.

Amethyst Zodiac Sign

Amethyst represents the star sign Pisces in the zodiac calendar. On some websites you will read that Amethyst and the star sign Aquarius are also connected. This is incorrect and is usually believed due to February birthstone being amethyst.

Sagittarius birthstone is amethyst. This is because the birthstone for November was amethyst in ancient calendars. Since the zodiac calendar predates the modern calendars in use today, there is still a spiritual link between Sagittarius and amethyst.

If you feel a bond with amethyst when you hold it, then it doesn’t matter if you fall under a different star sign or birth month.

Amethyst crystal meaning is of protection and of spiritual growth. These stones have been used for 1,000s of years by the church and royalty due to their beautiful purple colour. Amethysts are sometimes referred to as a sobriety stone due to their ability of helping to overcome addictions. In fact, amethysts were used by the Ancient Greeks to hinder inebriation.

Amethysts are beautiful healing crystals that can be an asset to you and your healing practices. To find out more about how amethysts can heal, read the post on the healing properties of amethyst crystals.